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Vanessa Romo is an artist and educator working in Salt Lake City. As an artist, Romo seeks dialogue about human experiences through her creations. Romo was born in Mexico City, received her MFA in Ceramics from the University of Utah, and now works and teaches in Salt Lake City. Romo’s art explores the way humans process issues surrounding gender, identity, mortality, and environment. In her work, clay and the figure act as gateways into these existential topics. Romo currently teaches at the University of Utah & Westminster College. Romo’s work has been exhibited nationally, most recently in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. 


 “Simply put, we are all trying to make sense of the life we've been given. Art has, since I can remember, been the tool I've used to negotiate, explore, and explain. I often feel at a loss for words and clay has become the catalyst for communication; a mind body connection I never thought possible. All of us experience some form of trauma, it is an inherent part of life. Clay allows me the opportunity to identify, explore, and emote those experiences through my work. I am so grateful for this.”

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